Sunday, August 7, 2011

You should hear him say "didgeridoo"

We did a double-decker bus tour to get our bearings, and got off at Circular Quay to explore. Right away T. was intrigued by the didgeridoo player at the ferry station, honking to a techno beat while an Aborigine man clacked some sticks. T. felt he belonged in the act and noticed a drum sitting unused against the railing, so he ran to it and joined the show. The performers were nice enough to move the drum forward so he could be on the same plane. When we took him away to see the rest of the area he sobbed and sobbed.

When we stopped by the next morning to finish the tour, he beelined it back again to the same spot. "When two mans play the didgeridoo, it's called rock and roll," he said, and who are we to argue.

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