Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Acrocalypse now

Port Douglas is also uniquely positioned for a travel into the rainforest. So we took advantage of that with a boat ride down the Daintree River, known for its crocodiles.

We were fully prepared for the hunt.

But it didn't require any effort, since our handsome boat operator and guide was able to spot the discreet beasts with eyes squinted shut. He was almost smug as he aimed his little mirror light at a log or leaf and identified it for us as Gary or Beatrice the croc--or a hatchling or black crab or green tree snake or frog-mouthed bird--and suddenly there it was.

After lunch we were driven to a gorgeous gorge where we could step over grub turkeys, admire the exotic foliage, and wade onto some very big rocks.

We ate seafood in town as the sun set over the water, next to our table.

And just to prove that the kids are now officially over America, here's C. with her menu...she's taken the time to cross out, rather than color, SpongeBob and friends.

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