Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Face to face

In three days on Kangaroo Island, we've spied on penguins, pet koalas, fed kangaroos, talked to cockatoos, spotted echidnas, held falcons, communed with seals, and fed pelicans. We've seen rocky coasts, smooth beaches, rolling farmland, and eucalypt bushland. What's left? Crystal caves, of course.

C. has thought about caves for many years thanks to a vivid episode of Danger Rangers. Happily her first experience of a real one was positive.

If only we could conclude our visit to the island with some iconic encounters that would sum up what this week has meant? Okay, if you insist.

The rainbow over the road reminded us of our honeymoon in Ireland 12 years ago, where there was a rainbow every day. This trip hasn't exactly been a honeymoon, but the memories will surely last as long.

And it's not over yet. In the morning, we fly to Melbourne!

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  1. Now that C has braved her first cave, we should definitely go to Wonder Cave the next time you're here - it has great tours, a petting zoo, and a viewing tower where you can see the fault line from up high.

    There's also Natural Bridge Caverns (less animals, more cave) -

    They're both halfway between Austin and San Antonio and while they can't compete with Kangaroo Island, they are a lot of fun.

    I love that you captured the rainbow! I was very into the Aboriginal mythology of the rainbow when I was young. I'd love to hear the Ireland story. :)