Monday, August 29, 2011

Earth, air, water, fun

The second, epic day with our expert Kangaroo Island guide began at an old farm that was donated to the national parkland. We strolled among the rusting Model Ts and tried not to spook the--oh, kangaroos.

After morning tea we spotted an echidna waddling around, listening for ants. Echidna: the Other Egg-Laying Mammal.

Guess what T. found? A cello.

We left T. in the car napping with Tim (told ya he was good) to walk down a boardwalk to the windy, rocky coastline and visit with the colony of New Zealand fur-seals that lives there.

This is called Admiral's Arch.

But the A-list geological formation is Remarkable Rocks, which is like an awesome piece of public art out on a promontory.

Normally this would be crowded with busloads of tourists, but it was just us and the wind and the orange algae.

We closed our day at the visitors center for the big wildlife preserve, which sounds lame until you learn it has an interactive exhibit on the geological, paleontological and anthropological history of the island. Plus some trees to climb in the parking lot, a gift shop to pick up some t-shirts, and a place to change a poopy diaper.

Still not enough? How about a sand pit where kids can dig for simulated fossils?

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  1. Ok, that's it. Hands have gone down. Been thinkin' it, now I'm callin' it: Best. Vacation. Ever.