Sunday, August 21, 2011

The age for aquaria

Activities for our final day in Sydney were hard to pick. The ferry to Manley? The walk across the Harbor Bridge? A stroll around the Rocks to look in the lobby of Cate Blanchett's theatre company? In the end, we succumbed to the most extreme wing of the party and saw more animals.

Not different at heart from the two thousand other aquariums we've visited together, although this time C. had a toy platypus, the manatees were called "dugongs" and swam over us, and it was T.'s turn to commune with a diver.

And of course we had great company in the form of old friend Karin, whom we met up with on her way to a holiday in Fiji.

Darling Harbour is one more lovely public space, and its restaurants maintain the essential custom of providing crayons.

Cate Blanchett, and so much else, will have to wait till next time. Tomorrow we head north.

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