Monday, August 22, 2011


The reason we were in Port Douglas was its accessibility to the Great Barrier Reef, via a 2-hour ride out on a big tourist-packed boat to a specially purposed pontoon.

They efficiently process all the people through their choices of lunch, an underwater viewing tunnel, scuba lessons, a submersible excursion, and of course snorkeling. C. bravely gave it a go.

Jess got substantial time underwater, which we can prove thanks to the aforementioned underwater viewing tunnel.

She reports that, Great though it may be, the experience is no match for Hanauma Bay. And T., too young to have any idea where we were, wandered the pontoon with a swim noodle, pretending it was a vacuum cleaner. And a trumpet.

So for Colin, the experience was equivalent to a normal day of childcare. With a bonus of last-minute seasickness!


  1. At least Jess had fun - what a great underwater photo!

    Loving all the updates - the beach at the resort looked heavenly.

    Have fun!

  2. Finally got around to checking out the site over the weekend and now am addicted to the updates- Looks amazing- so jealous and miss you huys.