Monday, September 5, 2011

Up over from Down Under

Returning from Australia means experiencing one long 36-hour day, punctuated by disorienting naps. We collected all our things, including the many new toys, hats, uggs, wildlife books and souvenirs, and distributed them throughout our bodies.

We equipped the kids with the virtual reality gear necessary to preserve mental health over the endless Pacific.

When the plane touched down at long last, at exactly the same time on the clock as when we took off, we entered Limbo, also called the Los Angeles Airport Hilton, especially its pool hot tub.

When we were ready to be coherent again, we met up with Uncle Brian and Aunt Tricia to tell stories and reenact adventures.

After a month on the bottom of the world, it's back to Boston, for new schools, new friends, more things to turn into instruments, and the exotic wildlife of our own backyard.


  1. All those many hours and you still have smiles for the camera! What troopers you all are.
    It's comforting that among the gear necessary to survive a trans-Pacific trip are otters and blankets (and is that an owl?).
    And so nice to see B&T at the end!
    I've enjoyed this tour so very much - thanks for sharing with us statesiders! :)