Saturday, September 3, 2011

Now museum, now you don't

Our holiday came to rest in Melbourne. An excursion to St. Kildans provided lots of character and an expanse of sand that ends in ocean, like so.

And a day at the Melbourne Museum, built in 2000 and therefore one of the newest museums we've ever seen, was packed with wonders. A split screen movie with actors playing an Aborigine elder and the museum's founder, arguing with each other about the treatment of artifacts, captivated C. A mind-blowing augmented reality dinosaur room and hall of animals made the Peabody seem ancient. Colin and C. took in a 3D Imax on animal rescuers. And a sprawling kid-focused mini-museum gave T. lots of surprises to explore.

It was a banner day for T., as a matter of fact. They had a turtle shell guitar he could play; he went back to try it three times.

At the playground, at the top of the slide, he shouted, "Look Mom! One leg!"

At the exhibit on forest fires he found a place to practice some soulful singing.

And even at dinner he worked on his microphone technique.

And with no bang but T.'s drumming and no whimper but C. complaining about walking too long, our visit to Australia had come to an end. All that remains is to make our way home to Boston.

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  1. T looks so happy!

    I love the balance of museums and city life with outdoor adventures that you seem to have struck - what a perfect vacation!

    I hope you're settling back into home life well.